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New Directions Facilitation

New Directions Facilitation
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Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

New Directions Facilitation provides impartial and objective facilitated supports to organisations, with a commitment to participation, democracy and inclusion for all sharing a space to address their organisational challenges.

Organisations of all sizes and causes are faced with making changes. They confront many challenges as they work to be more effective, have greater impact and realise the Vision they set out for themselves. Most of this they meet on a day-to-day basis and with the skills, knowledge and expertise of their own Staff, Volunteers, Members and Beneficiaries.

On some occasions organisations may find they need additional support and input from an impartial and neutral Facilitator. New Directions have been providing this kind of support to many organisations within the Community and Voluntary Sector across Ireland. I have a proven record in working alongside people in, helping them develop effective processes that are inclusive, participatory and success focused. I am creative in my approach and seek to build a shared sense of responsibility in helping your organisation work towards its Goals and Vision. I can provide small Group based Facilitation Support and Facilitation Supports focused on Strategic, Organisational and Daily Planning objectives. If you feel there is a role for a professional and experienced Facilitator, with a commitment to inclusion, collective decision-making and shared responsibilty, then please contact me to explore my suitability to support your organisation.

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New Directions Facilitation

New Directions Facilitation has introduced a new pricing structure to reflect the changing financial climate for Community, Voluntary and Charitable sector organisations. Half day sessions are now 125 Euros and full day sessions 195 Euros.


New Directions Facilitation

I recently had the pleasure of do some Strategic Planning Facilitation supports with NISIG in Dublin. The group have been supporting people facing reproductive challenges for 20 years and have done some incredible work in that time.

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