Frequently asked questions about CommunityNI

Many of the the answers to the most frequently asked questions about using CommunityNI can be found here.

Why should I sign up?

If you want to use any of the publishing tools or receive any of our weekly jobs or events bulletins then you will need to sign up for an account.

How do I sign up?

Look for the sign up button on the home page and fill in the short form.  You'll need an email address (preferably a work one) and we would prefer it if you used your real name as a username.

What happens if I register and don't receive a confirmation email?

Most people signing up for CommunityNI will receive an email containing a single-use login link right away. However those applying for organisational accounts will usually have their details manually verified. This means that there might be a short wait before your account is approved. 

What happens if I forget my password to login?

Click the "Forgot your password?" button in the login panel and type in your username or the email address you registered with. A temporary password will be emailed to you to allow you to access the site and change your password. If you've forgotten your username, or the email address that you created your account with, submit a help request.

How do I use my account?

‘My Account’ (previously known as your ‘Dashboard’) is where your profile and account information is saved and can be edited. From here, you can also add content and access a list of all your previously published content.

What if I can't see the option to post a job, event, news or opportunity?

You'll need to submit a request to upgrade your account. You can do that in 'My Account'. 

How do I edit my profile?

If you have moved organisation, need to update contact details, or want to change your preferences, go to My Account and click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Your Details’ or ‘Organisations’. 

Why can't I view a page?

Sometimes a posting is removed from CommunityNI by its owner, or by the CommunityNI team, after it is posted. This might be because the vacancy is closed, or because it didn't meet our guidelines. Very occasionally a posting may appear in the weekly jobs or events bulletin that is no longer available on the website. 

If you cannot see one of your own postings it may be because your account is not an 'organisational' account. If you think this might be the case, contact support.

If our previous page administrator has left, how can I take over the page?

You will need to set up a new organisational account. During the registration process you will be able to link your account to the organisation you represent. 

While on your organisation's page you will be able to change ownership by clicking the button under the 'Team' section. Redundant accounts can be removed from the organisation. Simply click 'edit' while logged on and on your organisation's page. Scroll down to 'Organisation Admin' and click 'remove' next to any accounts no longer associated with your organisation.

What is the ideal size for an image?

Images are best uploaded in landscape, over 1024 pixels in size. 

How do I update my organisation page or logo?

If you need to edit any details, for example your organisation's logo, you will need to be on the organisation page while logged in.  At the top of the organisation page you will see an edit option. Clicking on this will enable you to change the details on your organisation's page. 

You can easily find your organisation's page by clicking on 'My Account' and clicking on the name of the organisation you wish to edit in the organisation panel on the right of the screen (when using a desktop).

If you cant see your organisation listed in 'My Account' click 'Edit' in the organisations panel to add an organisation.

Why can't I see my posting in the search results?

For your posting to appear in search results it's important that your post contains lots of relevant, descriptive words in the right places. For example, if the role you are advertising is for a Support Worker, your post should contain the phrase Support Worker in the body of the text. 

If you are in any doubt as to how to construct your posting, then think about how an applicant would find your role and what they would search for. It is important to avoid too much detail in the job title for example as this will narrow down the chance of your posting being seen on the first page. 

What should I include in the 'Summary' field?

The 'Summary' field is what will be posted on Facebook so ensure that you include as much information about your job in as few words as possible in order to generate maximum traffic to your listing. 

What browser works best?

CommunityNI works best with Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome here.

I've just posted a job or event, but I can't see it!

In order to deliver a better user experience, CommunityNI updates every hour. If you can't see your posting then you may need to clear your cache. You can find out how to do this in Google Chrome (CommunityNI's prefered browser) here. Your posting should also appear in search results after an hour

Can multiple accounts post on behalf of an organisation? 

Yes! If you have a new start in your organsiation or a new member of your teram simply have them set up an organisational account and then link it to your organisation page during sign up. Only one account will be able to eidt your organisation page however.

CommunityNI is telling me that I need to enter an organisation in order to post but I can't enter one!

This is because your account needs to be linked to an organisation, and right now it's not.

You can change this by going to 'My Account' and clicking on 'Edit' in the 'Organisations' Panel. If your organisation already exists on CommunityNI you should click 'Add existing organisation'. If you need to add your organisation to CommunityNI then you should click 'Add new organisation'. Once this is done you will be able to select your organisation when adding a new posting.