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ME Support Northern Ireland

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ME Support NI is a Charity which provides information, support and practical advice for people (including children), families and carers affected by M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).
We aim to improve the lived experience of those children, young people and adults affected by this devastating neurological illness by lobbying for services which are underpinned by expert knowledge and an understanding of M.E.
WHAT WE DO? We run monthly support group meetings to provide clients with help, advice and emotional support. At our meetings we often have specialist speakers, speaking on various topics related to health improvement, benefits advice etc. Each year we have hold a Christmas dinner for members, paid by the charity. We also raise awareness about the condition by participating in events in schools, Disability Action Exhibition, Rare Disease Partnership to name but a few. We also continue to lobby both Government and the Department of Health in NI on ME.
We receive no funding from Government and depend on the generosity of individuals to raise the funds necessary to continue our service. To date this support has been exceptional and has allowed us to continue with our work. Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and interest.


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ME Support NI meet on the first Tuesday of every month. We offer support for sufferers and their carers.


Meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm, please contact us if you wish to attend 

The meetings are fairly informal (some meetings have guest speakers), feel free to pop in for a chat and support from other sufferers/carers.

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ME Support Northern Ireland

“M.E Support is pleased to announce that we have been invited by QFT to the “Unrest” screening on Saturday the 11th of November.


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