Could you do with some FREE practical help?

We are currently looking for organizations that will be able to benefit from a vast array of skills and support that Northern Ireland companies can offer - for FREE! Volunteers are ready to tackle your project in 2012 and really make a difference!

Do you need a room make-over?  Do you need an event organised?  Or perhaps another brain in the mix to bounce an idea off?  We can help!

Our member companies are committed to using Employer Supported Volunteering as part of their Corporate Responsibility strategy.  This is where employee volunteers commit time, energy and skills for the benefit of the community - either through groups or individually - with the help and encouragement of their employer.

So how can we help you?

It's easy - just get in touch!  Complete the form attached and send it in - we will contact you as soon as we receive it.

What typs of groups can apply?

Community groups; charities; disability organisations; schools; voluntary groups.

Examples of recent successful volunteering projects:

Autism Initiatives - volunteers helped build and create a sensory garden.

Fleming Fulton School - volunteers tidy up the surrounding grounds on an on-going basis.

Ashgrove Nursery School - volunteers brightened up an outside play area.

East Belfast Development Partnership - a volunteer designed a new logo for the organisation.

CLIC Sargent - volunteers arranged a trip to the cinema, complete with pizza, coke and popcorn!

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