Christmas presents

Will the disabled or elderly recipients of technology be able to cope?

Perception. Yours or mine? 
Travelling to Belfast on the train I dropped my glasses case and a young lady across the aisle promptly got up and lifted them to return them to me. What a kind gesture. Then I got to thinking ' did she think I was an old man incapable of getting something I'd dropped?'. I was thinking about this little incident before making this suggestion. Many disabled people are independent and self-sufficient and many elderly people don't consider themselves to be old.
It's the time of year for buying gifts and technology is a popular choice and, of course, some people are happy to do the necessary setting up themselves and learning about utilising the new device.
Bearing in mind the pitfall of perception - would you like to enclose our 'calling card' when you are wrapping your present? If you would like to consider this, please 'Send Message' or email me at [email protected] , with your address, and the number of cards you would like. The card has our helpline number so the recipient of your gift can, if they wish, get some help from one of our volunteers.

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