Barnardo's NI Campaign for Child Protection To Be A Policing Priority

As a result of research carried out by Barnardo's NI into child sexual exploitation in NI Barnardo's is asking the public to support its campaign to have child protection included as a priority in the new NI Policing Plans 2012

A report by Barnardo's NI into the extent of child sexual exploitation in NI has found that it is an issue of concern for almost two thirds of girls in residential care homes in NI who were included in the study. The report entitled 'Not A World Away' also found that sexual exploitation affects both male and females and that where cases of concern were identified in half of those cases the abuse lasted at least one year. In a survey carried out among 786 16 year olds as part of the research one in nine revealed they had experience of an adult trying to groom them.  

As a result of the research Barnardo's has launched a campaign asking members of the public to sign up to an on-line petition calling for child protection, including sexual exploitation to be included in the new NI Policing Plans 2012 as a priority - please show your support by signing our online petition

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