Addiction NI Director talks to GMU about increasing levels of alcohol abuse amongst professionals

Addiction NI Director, Dr. Claire Armstrong, spoke on Good Morning Ulster about the not so stereotypical alcoholic. The BBC Panorama show revealed the increasing abuse of alcohol amongst professionals.

Dr. Armstrong praised last night's (Monday) show for raising awareness on the issue of alcohol abuse and the increasing consumption of alcohol in Northern Ireland. In one week women should not consume more than a bottle and a half of wine and men should not drink just over two bottles, but it is not unusual for many people to drink this amount in one night. This can have long term health risks such as liver disease and cancer and increases the chances of dependency on alcohol.

Dr. Armstrong and recovering alcoholic Pat explained that many local people consume more than the recommended limits, but would still not consider themselves to have a problem. The stereotypical view of the jobless and homeless alcoholic no longer applies, Pat himself explained that he maintained a family and held down a good job during his alcohol problem. 

The demand for the treatment services at Addiction NI have doubled in the last five years but it is clear that there are many middle class, successful professionals who are in denial about their alcohol problem. Addiction NI urges the public to be mindful of their drinking and to be aware of the amounts they consume and to truthfully assess whether they may have a problem.

The interview can be listened to online by clicking on the link below, if you think your drinking is getting out of your control then visit our website (Interview is at time 1.53.00)

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