Wave Trauma Centre

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WAVE, a grass roots, cross community, voluntary organisation was formed in 1991 to support people bereaved of a spouse as a result of violence in Northern Ireland. It was expanded later to incorporate the needs of young people and children and anyone trau


Today the overall aim of WAVE is to offer care and support to anyone bereaved or traumatised through the violence, irrespective of religious, cultural or political belief. The philosophy and ethos of the organisation is one of inclusiveness i.e. anyone bereaved or traumatised—those physically impaired as a result of the violence in Northern Ireland and those who care for them. WAVE promotes a respect for life and an understanding of difference that is seen as enhancing rather than threatening. It affirms and acknowledges that there are ways of resolving difference other than through the use of violence and continually seeks creative ways of working through issues that have the potential to divide.

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