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Development Trusts N.I. (DTNI) was established in 2010.DTNI is a member-led organisation with a board of directors drawn from its membership and a small staff team. DTNI aims to promote asset led development and community enterprise in the third sector.

DTNI works for and with others in pursuit of social justice and in building strong and sustainable organisations. We are committed to support the establishment of a successful Development Trust in every community that wants one across Northern Ireland.  We believe that assets and enterprise offer community and voluntary organisations a firm foundation for development and growth affording an organisation both the flexibility and stability needed to become sustainable. Our committment to asset ownership reflects our belief that sustainable development is best achieved by facilitating more community ownership, social business development and by promoting participative community led regeneration.

Our vision for Northern Ireland is founded in community empowerment through such asset ownership, helping communities take control of their futures. We are committed to engendering social enterprise that allows community organizations to become sustainable, providing members with the resource base necessary to develop new opportunities and meet existing and future service needs of the communities of place and interest they represent.

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