Andersonstown Traditional and Contemporary Music School

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Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School is a community based music school which has been providing music classes and workshops throughout Belfast since 1991. Pupils have the opportunity to work towards grades with the London College of Music, or just for fun.
Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School has enjoyed ever growing popularity with aspiring musicians and singers of all age groups. It has gained a reputation for excellence, and there is an enthusiasm from both teachers and pupils that ensures continued success. We run a total of 80 classes per week, serving communities throughout Belfast and the surrounding area. Currently there are around 800 budding musicians attending classes, and numbers are increasing all the time.
The school is committed to the provision of music classes to people of all ages and abilities. Our aim is to provide a 'Centre of Music and Study' to encourage the development of a base of skilled musicians and a musically literate community.