Is your organisation Investment Ready? DTNI offers free online tool.

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31 Mar 2017
Would you like to understand your organisations enterprise capability and capacity to draw down social investment and then receive an objective online report? Self-assess your organisation with the Development Trust NI IREAD online assessment diagnostic.
Is your organisation Investment Ready? DTNI offers free online tool.

DTNI is offering third sector organisations the opportunity to use its Investment Readiness Enterprise Awareness Diagnostic tool (IREAD).  There are two ways in which organisations can do this: Self-Assessment & Facilitated Assessment. 

SELF-ASSESSMENT: This FREE use of DTNI's bespoke IREAD tool will assess organisational financial capacity, people management, enterprise and business capability , social impact and capital development and management expertise. Email [email protected] for a code to begin your self-assessment now. 

FACILITATED ASSESSMENT: Facilitated IREAD assessment sessions are led by DTNI staff. In the facilitated sessions DTNI staff will work with your board and staff to assess your organisations investment and enterprise readiness and sustainability.  Facilitated sessions examine any assumptions made in more detail and seeks evidence to substantiate the responses inputted. A more rigourous input yields a more robust outcome from the tool. Actions for growth are proposed and the body of evidence is collated to underpin work to be undertaken as part of your organisations journey towards better enterprise development and enhanced investment readiness.  Facilitated sessions can be tailored to meet your organisation's support needs.  

For further information on facilitated sessions and to arrange a meeting contact Fiona Molloy at [email protected] or Charlie Fisher at [email protected]


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