Common Purpose Meridian Northern Ireland

Closing date is: 
26 Apr 2017
Applications still available for Northern Ireland Meridian programme 2017.

Meridian: A flexible experiential leadership programme for senior leaders.


On a Meridian programme you will gain new insights into real-life leadership issues.


Meridian deals with real-life leadership issues and insights, so it is neither classroom nor lecture based. For example, we may send you to prison, put you in a hospital or take you into a production plant. We go beyond standard leadership models which will help you gain new perspectives in the context of your city. You will learn from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. You will be taken out of your familiar environment to examine why, when and how you lead.


The course is beginning on the 26th April and we are currently accepting applications. Please contact Seaneen Garland on 02890 435890 or at [email protected] to discuss further. Alternatively, please contact our Course Director Claudine Sutherland on 07889 650273.

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