Cleaning Tender

Closing date is: 
31 Mar 2017
The Millennium Forum is seeking a provision for their cleaning operation. This will be a 3 year contract (7 days per week, 52 wks. per annum-servicing business needs) commencing 5th June 2017. Interested parties should contact Lisa Lynch on 02871 264426.
Cleaning Tender

The Millennium Forum is seeking a provision for their cleaning operation. This will be a 3 year contract (7 days per week, 52 wks. per annum-servicing business needs) commencing 5th June 2017. Interested parties should contact Lisa Lynch on 02871 264426.

Tours of the building will take place on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 11am. Any company wishing to visit the building must do so at this time and by prior confirmed arrangement with Lisa Lynch. Closing Date for completed tenders will be 1pm on Friday 31st March 2017.