Social Enterprise Graduate

Closing date: 
15 Sep 2017
Work with the NIHE to help our communities in the creation of new social enterprises, that will ultimately provide benefit to our residents in the form of job creation, employment, training and new services and community enterprises.

To apply visit:  choose your project and click 'Apply to join GEM' on the left hand side. Make sure you also download the Candidate Pack which can be found on this page. 


The Northern Ireland Housing Executive was formed in 1971 as Northern Ireland’s Strategic Housing Authority. Our vision is one in which housing plays its part in creating a peaceful, inclusive, prosperous and fair society. We want to recruit talented graduates directly from our communities who will help us to make our vision a reality for Northern Ireland’s communities. Our goal is that everyone has access to decent, affordable housing and our task is to work with communities and other organisations to meet the housing needs of existing and future generations. We need to enable our future leaders to play a key part in delivering our aims, and to help us with this challenge we have teamed up with the award winning GEM Programme which works directly with the housing sector to deliver an intensive one year learning experience. Completing the GEM Programme with us will give you a real kick start to a fantastic future in the sector. We have an exciting role working within and supporting your communities directly

Overview of Social Enterprise Unit

The Social Housing Enterprise Programme was launched in September 2015. The strategy sets out how the Housing Executive aspires to build a stronger, more sustainable community through social enterprise. We have set out a plan how we can support those of our communities who are already involved in social enterprise or those who want to embark on that journey. We have committed a range of resources to help our communities in the creation of new social enterprises, that will ultimately provide benefit to our residents in the form of job creation, employment, training and new services and community enterprises.

Role Purpose:

  • To assist in the delivery of the Social Housing Enterprise Programme
  • To work and support communities that wish to help create opportunities through the creation of new or expansion of existing social enterprises
  • Help promote the various elements of the Social Housing Enterprise Programme
  • Assist the Social Enterprise team in database management and mapping social enterprise activity
  • Work and engage with our partners in the social enterprise sector to promote the Social Housing Programme 
  • Develop greater cohesion with and between Housing Executive Communities through a community development approach
  • Promote the various strands of education sources available in social enterprise within housing executive communities
  • Create linkages with and between existing and new social enterprises within our communities to help understand and share models of best practice in the sector
  • Increase deliverability of social enterprise’s within our communities and bring added value to the social enterprise budget
  • Improve the environment of our communities and increase positive attitudes to environmental issues, health issues, social enterprise and isolation in the community
  • Increase dialogue and improved relations within and between communities
  • Increase opportunities for employability, interaction, capacity building and social mobility

Essential Requirements:

  • Values which fit in with the Housing Executive and our Social Housing Enterprise Strategy
  • Ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds in a non-judgemental way
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to facilitate focus/discussion groups
  • A commitment to working with customers to improve their life chances
  • Good timekeeping, punctuality and all round personal integrity
  • Ability to take personal responsibility, self-motivate and self-manage
  • Team working
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Project management and event organisation skills
  • Have an interest in social policy and a good grasp of government changes
  • Strong IT skills
  • Access to a means of transport
Closing date:
15 Sep 2017
Job Information
37 hours per week
Contact Information
Natasha Jarratt
2 Adelaide Street
2 Adelaide Street