HOPE Take Control

This is a one day HOPE programme which is a health and lifestyle course designed to help people affected by cancer rediscover their strengths and overcome physical challenges and improve their mental wellbeing.
HOPE Take Control

Life can be tough when you are living with cancer and after treatment finishes.  HOPE teaches practical self-management which is the knowledge, skills and confidence that we need to do the things that we find valuable and meaningful in life. This free course is led by people who are also living with cancer and/or health professionals and is for individuals who have had or have a cancer diagnosis.

The type of topics covered in HOPE include:

    • What is self management and how to develop positive emotions?

    • Stress, stress management and relaxation techniques including Mindfulness.

    • Managing fatigue and understanding the boom and bust cycle.

    • Sleeping better.

    • Managing body changes and effects on intimacy.

    • Communicating to improve relationships with family and health professionals.

    • Fear of recurrence - living with uncertainty and facing the future.

    • Starting, maintaining or increasing physical activity.

    • Developing a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy.

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