Focus On: Cyanotype & Van Dyke Brown Printing

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Focus On: Cyanotype & Van Dyke Brown Printing
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Tutor: Monika Fabijanczyk
Course Duration: 1 x Six Hour Session
When: Saturday 27 May 2017
Time: 11am - 4pm
Number of Places: 6
Cost: £110
Earlybird £100 - Expires 27th April

Cyanotype printing and Van Dyke Brown printing are both contact printing processes, where a negative or an object is placed onto photosensitised paper or fabric, and exposed to the sun or a UV light. Photosensitive emulsion is brushed onto the paper by hand, making each print unique. This camera-less, iron-based technique was invented by John Herschel in 1842.

Cyanotype produces a Prussian cyan-blue print. Van Dyke Brown produces a deep brown print, similar to the popular paint pigment, Van Dyke Brown.

What You Will Need

What Will You Learn

  • A brief history of the processes.
  • An introduction to the chemicals and equipment needed.
  • How to mix the chemicals.
  • The paper choice and paper coating techniques.
  • The different sources of UV light.
  • Explore contrast control, processing, exposing, bleaching and toning.
  • Safe and proper handling of materials.

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