Comedy and the 'Troubles'

As part of the Northern Ireland Comedy Industry Conference, Tim Miles will present a workshop examining the relationship between comedy and the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland.
Tim Miles

Tim has written a blog about this topic which is available on this link

We are charging £5 for this event but If you register for the comedy conference, this workshop is included in the full programme. See for details of the conference.

Tim is a Senior Lecturer in Drama at Liverpool John Moores University. His PhD is on comedy – yes, he is a comedy doctor! He is currently creating an MA in Comedy, and is part of the editorial team at Comedy Studies. He has published on a variety of subjects related to comedy, including humour and the erotic, comedy in relation to media representation of Muslims, and comedy and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. 

His book on stand-up is due to be published later this year. He has also run a number comedy clubs and has written for various BBC radio comedy shows.

Current projects include working on a show about comedy and dementia, and running comedy nights where academics present their research as stand-up comedy. His book on stand-up comedy is due to be published later this year. He is in the early stages of a major project provisionally entitled ‘laughter in the age of anxiety’.

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