Certificate in Cervical Screening for Healthcare Professionals Course

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme guidelines for new sample takers sets out the minimum content of training required. The certificate level course consists of 2 days of theory which is delivered at our training centre in Belfast.

The course content includes: anatomy and physiology of female reproductive system; introduction to cervical screening - virology & cytology; The NHS Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP); Human Papilloma Virus: role of the cervical screening advisers; practical aspects of taking cervical specimens for screening; building a therapeutic relationship; sexual health history taking; liquid based cytology; informed consent; local and national guidelines; anatomical and pathophysiological abnormalities and their management: management of abnormal.

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to commence on this short course:

  •  Currently employed in general practice as a registered adult nurse.
  • Currently employed within secondary care in a colposcopy or CASH clinic.
  • Supported by employer and have access to completing 20 cervical samples.

Applicants are expected to name a supervisor for clinical practice that has trained in cervical cytology as part of their initial professional training or successfully completed a recognised training programme on cervical cytology screening. In addition, a supervisor should be a current cervical sampler (smear taker) and can demonstrate they have kept their knowledge and skills up to date.

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