Railway Museum based in Whitehead
With 35 years of experience in providing independent advocacy services to children and young people with care experience across all of Scotland, Who Cares? Scotland speaks up and speaks out for them on an individual and collective basis.
Will to Give is a group of our most cherished Northern Ireland charities who have come together to promote charitable gifts in wills.
Willowbank Ltd is a “not for profit” voluntary organisation, based in Dungannon providing day opportunities, training and support for adults with a physical disability and/or a sensory impairment.
We are a Church for people of all ages, situated on the corner of the Woodstock Road/ My Lady’s Road, in inner East Belfast.
Willowfield Parish Community Association in East Belfast was set up at the end of 2002 to try and address some of the many complex social, physical, and spiritual needs of the people of the local area.
Through its educational and training programmes, the centre offers women opportunities to acquire skills and qualifications, gain confidence and increase their prospects of meaningful employment.
Day Nursery and Family Centre
WISPA is a cross community women’s project which works to identify gaps existing in local communities with regards to women’s health. Our aim is to provide increased opportunities for women to access affordable fun based physical activ
Women for Election (www.womenforelection.ie) is a non-partisan not-for-profit organisation that works to inform, inspire and equip women to run for election.
Women’s Aid Armagh Down was founded in 1983 in response to the urgent need to provide vital support and accommodation to women & children affected by domestic violence in the local community.
Women’s Aid Newry was founded in 1983 in response to the urgent need to provide vital support and accommodation to women and children victims experiencing domestic violence. Our work is underpinned by an ethos of self help, mutual respect and support.
Women’s Aid is the lead voluntary organisation in Northern Ireland addressing domestic violence and providing services for women and children.
The Women’s Resource and Development Agency is a charity which provides support for women’s groups and networks across Northern Ireland. Our mission to advance women’s equality and participation in society.
The Women’s Resource and Development Agency’s mission as a Northern Ireland regional organisation is to advance women’s equality and participation in society by working to bring about social, political and economic change for women.
Women’s Support Network was formed in 1989. We are a regional, infrastructural membership organisation for community based women’s centres, women’s projects and groups.
WOMEN’STEC is the largest quality provider of training for women in non-traditional skills in Northern Ireland.