Arc seeks to strategically engage with agencies to influence policy, whilst operating direct service delivery projects that respond to the needs of rurally marginalised people.
Archery NI is the Regional Society for the sport of Archery in Northern Ireland
Archways was established in 2006 to deliver and support proven programmes including the Incredible Years Series (IY), the Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP), and Functional Family Therapy (FFT).
Ardaluin regeneration Trust are a personal development charity that work in partnership with BAC to offer residential opportuinities to young people who have disabilities or who come from disadvantaged communities.
We are a Community organisation delivering a range of Health & Social Care services; we are based in the Upper Springfield area but deliver our services throughout the whole of the Belfast area.
The YEHA Project is a youth project under the Ardoyne and Shankill Health Partnership which aim to tackle health inequalities and promote healthy living within the Ardoyne and Shankill Communities. YEHA focuses primarily on young people aged 12-24 with t
Ardoyne Women's Group is based in north Belfast and has been operating for the past 26 years. The Group operates from the City Council's Ardoyne Community Centre.
Ardoyne Youth Club is a registered charity and has been delivering youth provision within the Ardoyne area of North Belfast for nearly 50 years. As an organisation we are very much aware of our role within the community, offering targeted youth provision.
AYE are a youth and community development organisation operating in the Ardoyne, Oldpark and Marrowbone areas of North Belfast.
Free, impartial, confidential and independant advice.
Provision of social and affordable housing for those in housing need
Traditional music education for children, young people and adults; organisation of annual international piping festival; other music-related projects
Heritage Library, founded 1771, open to researchers, visitors, schools and groups.
The Art of Living is a non-profit, humanitarian, educational, volunteer based organisation with presence in more than 150 countries. Founded by H H Sri Sri Ravishankar, The Art of Living is engaged in building stress-free, violence-free society.
Arthritis Care works on behalf of over 230,000 people in Northern Ireland who are affected by arthritis. We provide services and support for people with all types of arthritis, their families, and those who work with them.
Artillery is a youth led community based youth organisation based in North Belfast. We work with young adults and their families and deliver a range of projects and programmes aimed at raising the standard of youth provision in the communities we serve.
Arts & Business Northern Ireland knows that when business and the arts work together in truly mutual partnership, both become stronger with the results benefiting our society in far reaching and tangible ways.