The underpinning purpose of the Verbal arts Centre is the promotion of the language arts, across the verbal arta forms, together with research publication and provision of information.
VWD Belfast Community Interest Company
A social enterprise that works in partnership with voluntary and community sector organisations to provide governance, accounting, financial solutions and human resources support.
Victim Support NI is the charity supporting people affected by crime.
The Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) delivers services and support to victims and survivors, as defined in the Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.
Victoria Housing Estates (VHE)is a housing charity based in Holywood.
VIEWdigital community media publishes VIEW social affairs magazine and hosts digital & media training designed to support Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprises organizations and others to upskill and empower staff in their outreach and communications
Supporting families * strengthing community
I am a Virtual Assistant and I provide administrative support to small businesses or organisations who don't need to or can't afford to hire full time admin. support. I provide this support at an affordable rate and work from my own office.
Stress Management Specialist
VOYPIC is a charity that was set up by 50 young people in 1993. It is an organisation that works throughout Northern Ireland, one which is outside of Social Services & works for children & young people in Residential Care, Foster Care, Leaving & Aftercare
Void is a contemporary art space with up to 5 exhibitions per year showing the work of established international and Irish artists
Volunteer Ireland is the national volunteer development agency and a support body for all local Volunteer Centres in Ireland. Our vision is every person connected to and participating in their communities to build a better Irish society. Volunteer Ireland
Volunteer Now works to promote, enhance and support volunteering across Northern Ireland. Volunteer Now is about connecting with individuals and organisations to build healthy communities and create positive change.
Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd has been established to support the work of the Charity, Volunteer Now. We have an expert team of staff who are committed to quality and effective customer relationships providing a service which is tailored just for you.
Action for Children’s, Early Intervention and Family Support Service aims to help children and their families deal with difficulties and work together at an early stage to explore solutions and prevent long term problems.