E2A Inclusive Theatre Group is Northern Ireland's leading facilitator of drama/performing arts services directed towards people with and without a physical/learning disability. With a strong emphasis on 'inclusion' everyone is welcome from aged 7.
Early Years- the organisation for young children is running a family health initiative "Healthier Choices, Healthier Families" with a local perspective working within the Southern Trust Area as part as the UP4IT! Project.
East Belfast Community Counselling was created to help fulfill a need in the local community, to provide a vitally-needed counselling service for adults who might otherwise be excluded because of finance or shortfall in service provision.
EBCDA is the 'umbrella organisation' supporting community development in East Belfast. A membership based organisation, EBCDA is representative of a broad range of interests and needs within communities in East Belfast.
East Belfast Mission has a long track history of social engagement with a history that dates back to the 1800's. Today, the organisation runs a diverse range of social projects from the premises in the Skainos building at 239 Newtownards Road Belfast.
Urban regeneration charity within East Belfast.
Eco-Schools is an international environmental education programme which aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a school.
Edgarstown Residents Association was created to gives local community a platform on which to engage, participate and voice their ideas on shaping the community, ERA want to create and sustain a local community environment.
The Education Authority (EA) was established under the Education Act Northern Ireland 2014 and became operational on 01 April 2015. It is a non-departmental body sponsored by the Department of Education and replaces the five Education and Library Boards.
“working with local communities to find opportunities for individual and collective learning and education”.
Generation & Supply of Electricity
EMBRACE NI is a group of Christians from different denominations working together to promote a positive response to people who are seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and people from minority-ethnic backgrounds living in Northern Ireland.
Employers For Childcare Charitable Group encompasses a registered charity and two Social Enterprises. We provide advice and information to working parents & lobby Government to recognise childcare as an economic & labour market issue.
We are a campaigning charity which developed from a community project set up in 1998, encouraging employers to implement family friendly policies in the workplace.