Wellbeing Programme Project Volunteer - Brain Injury Matters

Closing date is: 
31 Dec 2017
This role will involve supporting survivors of brain injury, hepling them to relearn the social skills needed to make new friends, regain their social lives and rebuild their family and community life.

The wellbeing project volunteer will support service users to rebuild social relationships and regain a social life, through group activities.  The overarching aspiration is to enable service users to become actively and positively involved in community life.

What will you be doing?


  • Providing support at a group on a weekly basis within our Wellbeing Programme at Brain Injury Matters premises.
  • Encouraging individual participation.
  • Encouraging service users to get involved in social activities and/or groups in their local community and make them aware of what is available.
  • Possibly dealing with challenging behaviour and enabling service users to learn to manage these responibly.

How much time will you need to give?

  • To ensure the development of effective relationships with our service users, volunteers will be asked to attend for a minimum of 2 hours per week.


  • The Wellbeing Programme is based at Brain Injury Matters premises three days a week.

Will the role be suitable for you?

No formal qualifications or experience needed.  However, due to the nature of the work we undertake, the role may idea for you if;

  • You have good communication skills.
  • Are able to establish positive relationships.
  • Are able to work as part of a team but also work from your own initiative.
  • Can attend for a minimum of one 2 hour session per week.
  • Have a willingness/commitment to attend relevant training.


How will Brain Injury support you?

  • You will receive relevant induction for your role and will also be provided with ongoing support and supervision relevant to your role.  Support will be given in the form of informal chats (which will be recorded on a contact sheet); a settling in review (three months from start date) and an annual review.
  • You will benefit from on-going training and other learning and development opportunities.
  • You wil be reimbursed your agreed out of pocket expenses, in accordance with Brain Injury Matters policy.

What will you get out of volunteering with Brain Injury Matters?

    • Know you have helped.
    • Boost your own confidence and self esteem.
    • Receive invaluable first hand experience for possible future careers.










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