Volunteer: Research Network, Northern Ireland

Closing date is: 
19 Oct 2017
Alzheimer’s Society Research Network provides a groundbreaking opportunity for people who have experience of dementia to influence and monitor research projects.


This volunteering opportunity is only available to people with dementia or carers (currently or at some time in the past) of people with dementia. Please note this role has a separate application form .

What will you be doing?
Basic expectations
• Contributing to the two-yearly setting of priority topics for research
• Reading, prioritising and commenting on research applications; approximately 6-8 applications, 5-6 times a year. Optional extra opportunities
• Taking part in the award panels that decide which of the shortlisted applicants should be funded
• Monitoring ongoing research projects funded by Alzheimer’s Society
• Telling others about the results of research
• Representing Alzheimer’s Society Research and the Research Network in Alzheimer’s Society activities
• Collaborating with other organisations on research related activities
• Attending topical focus groups
• Assisting with the writing of research proposals

Will the role be suitable for you?
No special qualifications or scientific experience needed. The role may be ideal for you if:
• You have first hand experience of dementia
• You are interested in and committed to research into the cause, cure, care and prevention of dementia.

How will you be supported in this role?
The Executive Administrative Officer, the Research Grants Officer and the Research Network Area Co-ordinator (volunteer) in your area will support you. You
will also be supported by local Alzheimer’s Society volunteer officer.

How much time will you need to give?
• This is a role that can be undertaken from home
• Amount of time is flexible – reading through applications can be time consuming, but there is a period of 3-4 weeks in which to return your scores and comments.
• You do not need to score every application and you can request to opt-out for a specific period due to family responsibilities or illness.

How will Alzheimer’s Society support you?
• You will be able to attend joint training days run in conjunction with other leading charities.
• You will be reimbursed your agreed out-of-pocket expenses, in accordance with Society policy.
• Training for the optional extra opportunities is also available.
• You will have access to Alzheimer’s Society’s training and educational resources to assist you in your role as an Alzheimer’s Society volunteer.

Are you interested in applying?

Please contact Rosario Mc Hugh, Volunteering Officer at [email protected] or ring 028 71 384570

Contact Information
Rosario Mc Hugh
Northern Ireland
028 71 384570