Volunteer Educator - throughout NI

Closing date is: 
30 Dec 2017
As a Volunteer Educator, we will provide training to enable you to plan and deliver a short one hour presentation on Parkinson's using prepared flip charts and notes to groups of staff working in care homes and home care agencies in your local area.

One of the charity's key goals is to improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's. Making education and training about Parkinson's available to as many health and social care professionals as possible is one way in which we are working towards this goal. Experience has shown us that the role of the local Volunteer Educator is valued highly by health and social care providers in helping their staff to understand key information about the impact of living with Parkinson’s and thereby improve their practice.

This role will involve:

o Contacting care providers by letter or email to offer your session, responding to requests for sessions received via the Parkinson's UK web site or that have come via the local area/country team. 
o Committing to delivery of a number of sessions per month/year to be agreed locally
o Participating in regular support meetings (face to face or by telephone) with your local   volunteer coordinator
o Completing and forwarding monthly reports on your sessions to the Education Programmes Coordinator.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Emma McKeown.

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