Telephone Befriender

Closing date is: 
21 Oct 2017
Telephone Befriending volunteers will work with isolated people living with arthritis and other long term health conditions, help them learn skills to manage their condition, and support them to re-engage with the community through this flexible service!

Join us for our Telephone Befriending training on Sat 21st and Sat 28th October  - get in touch with Anna Lyons for more details and to arrange an initial informal interview!

The Telephone Befriending volunteer will call the service user once a week over approximately 8 weeks to talk them through each of the self-management principles in a way which is appropriate to that person’s individual circumstances.

The hope is then that the service user will of course benefit directly from these tools but also encourage them to attend an actual course in future or accept a staying connected volunteer if this is not possible, therefore also improving their social inclusion.

Beneficiaries will be referred via the LWWA Information Hubs and will be people who would benefit from our self-management courses but are either unable to or do not feel comfortable attending an actual course or having a Staying Connected volunteer visit them.

They might be in full time employment therefore short on time, or have limited mobility, or be geographically isolated preventing them from attending a course - a Telephone Befriending volunteer can make all the difference in people of all ages and circumstances living well with their long term condition.

Contact Information
Anna Lyons
Arthritis Care NI, Unit 4, The McCune Building, 1 Shore Road
BT15 3PG