Supporting Ex-Prisoners

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15 Oct 2017
Offering Support and Encouragement to Newly Released Prisoners

As volunteers we meet prisoners pre-release to build trust with them.

Once they have been released we meet them about once a week for a chat and a cup of coffee to encourage and support them. Many prisoners face multiple hurdles on release. in signing on with doctors, getting benefits, finding a home to live in, looking for a job, dealing with addictions, depression and anxiety, and re-connecting with family and friends.

We offer support to our own volunteers through peer meetings, and one-to-one meetings. These are very important.

Volunteers offer about half a day a week, excluding holidays and other times that they are away. It takes about a year for new volunteers to get the hang of things. Because of this we look for a two year commitment.

You will need an accepting and non-judgemental attitude, empathy, an interest in the welfare of people in prison, and a car.  

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