Basketball Northern Ireland (BNI) is the governing body for Basketball in Northern Ireland.
Offer programs and space for the community to access opportunities to enhance mental and physical well-being of individuals and families.
We are a full-time voluntary youth organisation that provides for the personal and social development of children and young people aged 8-25 years.
The Football Management Company aims to enhance the education of coaches, players and clubs through innovative and exciting football programmes.
Based in Northern Ireland we work with middle/long distance athletes from rural East Africa. Registered Charity Number- NIC103288
Building Active Communities Intelligent Health’s mission: to create active vibrant communities where everybody matters
Our objective is to promote physical health and mental well-being through participation in a wide range of sports and fitness based activities. Working in the local community we promote and deliver a range of opportunities for sport and recreation.
Our objective is to promote physical health and mental well-being through sport participation and fitness based activities across Ireland, North and South, working with young people and others who are socially excluded.
Boys & Girls Clubs (NI), formerly known as Clubs for Young People, is a voluntary youth organisation.
Leg-It Events is a challenge event organisation, bringing people to some of the most scenic parts of Northern Ireland for a great day out. From competitive runners to fun runners - we promise, unique and fun events.
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