CommunityNI: New Version for 2012

CommunityNI has been an online hub for the voluntary and community sector since 2006. In that time, organisations from across the sector have posted thousands of job advertisements, event promotions and news articles on the site.

In this latest version we have focused on developing the popular sections, adding the business directory from communitybuyer and building a sound base to allow for future development. 

We hope that CommunityNI will continue to give the voluntary and community sector an efficient platform to share information and promote activities to the thousands of visitors every week.

Some of the changes we’ve made …

  • The home page latest now includes all content – events, jobs, opportunities and news in one list.   
  • Added the the new Opportunities section – a place to publicise tenders, collaboration opportunities, board recruitment, volunteering, giveaways etc.
  • Improved readability – we hope that the articles on CommunityNI are easier to read on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Linked users and organisations - you can now see all content and people that are linked to an organisation on one page.
  • Made it easier to share content on twitter, facebook and added sharing for Google+
  • Integrated communitybuyer directory that allows enterprises from all sectors to promote their services
  • Streamlined the navigation with a focus on the popular sections
  • Added capability for multiple event dates on on article 

Changes coming soon…

  • ActUpNI - campaigning publicity and tools for the voluntary and community sector 
  • Automated posting to twitter – every article you add to CommunityNI will be automatically pushed out to more than 1,200 followers
  • Improved advertising and featured articles options

What do you think?

Please add your comments on the new site – what’s good, bad, and ideas for improvement.  

You can also contact us privately via the support form